04.2013 Cannon Doll-X

League: Long Beach Derby Gals   Team: The Breakwater Bombshells

Cannon Doll-X

Skater Spotlight: Cannon Doll-X

1.Fun fact about yourself?
I used to be apart of a tournament show at the renaissance faire where I was trained in jousting, sword fighting and archery. I always joke that in a Zombie apocalypse I’m the one you want around.

2.Career Highlights?
I would say when I skated for the LA Derby Doll Sirens and we won the 2007 Championship. We received an award from the city of Los Angeles. We went to City Hall and not only were we honored, but we got to go to the top of the building AND SKATE!! This was beyond huge for me, since I am a big comic geek and the Daily Planet was modeled after LA’s City Hall. In my fangirl mind, I was skating on top of the Daily Planet.

Also, receiving a Legend award when I hit my 5 year mark in playing roller derby. It was such an honor and makes you feel good when all the hard work you put in is noticed.

3.Pre bout routines? What do you do to mental/physically prepare?
I have a few actually. The night before I always paint my nails to my team’s colors and think about all the game plays we worked on. It’s like my meditation time (yes I can be girly at times). On game day, I do yoga, push ups, eat one big meal early in the day and then fruit until 2 hours before game time. I always, I MEAN ALWAYS, have to hear “Animal I have become” by Three Days Grace. That song helps me focus and to visualize what I need to do, aka CANNON SMASH. If I don’t have that song, it feels like I forgot how to play derby. Which is funny I know since I’ve been doing it for so long, but it seriously gets my head in the game. I’ve been doing that since 2006.

4.Roller derby skater you admire and why?
Iron Maiven, she was the one that introduced me to Roller Derby and also happens to be the one I always looked up to on so many levels. She’s an amazing blocker, jammer and has tons of showmanship. Also her skating style, I’ve tried to mirror it for years. She’s just fun to watch and that’s what I always hope to bring to the track. Skills and fun!

5.What other hobbies (other then roller derby, duh!) do you enjoy doing?
You mean there are other things besides Roller Derby? HAHA! I love just about all sports, so I play when I can. I love working out, so much in fact that I’m a personal trainer for that reason. I love teaching people how to get healthy. I find real joy in coaching roller derby, it’s just great to share the things I’ve learned over the last 7 plus years.

Also, I’m a HUGH Comic book nerd. I’m all about R2D2, Doctor Who and plenty more but I don’t want to start, once you get me started regarding things I’m passionate about.. LOOK OUT! FANGIRL RANT!