03.2013 Pigeon

League: Long Beach Derby Gals   Team: Breakwater Bombshells


Skater Spotlight: Pigeon

Fun fact about yourself?
I LOVE FUN! It’s my first priority in life.
I am a salt fiend, like seriously it is an addiction.
I’m a skater on the Moxi Skate Team. We are female roller skaters who skate at parks, vert and ramps in the name of Moxi! Some are derby players, but most aren’t. It is a great mix of lifestyle skaters.

I’m super spontaneous, ambitious and can’t stand rules (except when playing derby of course).

Career Highlights?
Jamming 3 jams in a row at the end of the bout to bring my team’s score up enough to beat our opponents by 1 point in the last second! God that felt so good!

Pre bout routines: What do you do to mental/physically prepare?
I like to eat, so I make sure to have a large breakfast and I usually do a street skate and hang with friends. I don’t get nervous before bouts, I get excited! It feels like my birthday.

Roller derby skater you admire and why?
I have had a derby crush on Amanda Jamitinya since I first saw her at RollerCon 2009. I think it is the way she moves.

As a coach I can say that I admire one of my own skaters, Phoenixxx Hairizona. Though she a new to roller derby she skates with more focus and determination than anyone I know. She attends every practice and event without fault and never has an excuse or complains. That kind of commitment is something to admire in any skater.

Rave N BustHer, a male skater who skates with Drive By City Rollers, is also a skater I admire. Not just for his skills but because he manages his team, refs for another league, AND always there to offer help to anyone new to derby on his own time.

Last but never least, Blanche Deathereux. She is the sweetest person I know but on the track she is fierce and intense and (usually) a very clean player (with a smile that kills).

What other hobbies (other then roller derby, duh!) do you enjoy?

Im a skatepark roller skater as well as a hill skater (like skiing, but on concrete). Yea I know those both involve roller skating but what can I say, I love quads and the fun doesn’t stop with roller derby!

Is Science considered a hobby? I got my degree in Ecology and Evolution and also taught 7th grade Science in South Central LA for a couple years.

I enjoy science expeditions where you wake up early and work in the field in some remote location. That’s what I consider a vacation!

I like giving back to the community and volunteering (which is a major aspect of Beach Cities Roller Derby).

The rest of my hobbies might be to explicit for a public website. :P