Atomic u238

League: San Fernando Valley Roller Derby   Team: Like OMGs

Status: Active
League(s): San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Team(s): Like OMGs (2012)
Fresh to Deaths (2012)
Wipe Outs (2012)
Positions: Jammer/ Blocker
Hometown: Van Nuys
Years Active: 7
MVP - SFVRD Wipe Outs vs. ACDG Road Rages (March 2013)
MVP Jammer - BDR vs. SFVRD Like OMGs (March 2013)
MVP Jammer - SVRG Killabytes vs. SFVRD Like OMGs (February 2013)
MVP - Dirt City vs. Fresh to Deaths (July 2012)

Put on skates for the first time in January 2012. Haven’t taken them off since. Currently, I am the Team Captain of the Maul Rats, a SFVRD’s intraleague team, and I play with the Like OMGs, the travel team. In my free time, I am a panda.