Avenger Holyfield K0

League: Drive-By City Rollers   Team: Drive-By City Rollers

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Status: Active
League(s): Drive-By City Rollers
Team(s): Drive-By City Rollers
Positions: Blocker, Pivot and Relief Jammer
Hometown: Los Angeles
Years Active: 7
MVP Pivot/Blocker

As a kid, Avenger could be found most Friday nights at his local roller rink in Lompoc, CA trying to go as fast as he could on his roller blades. Way before Avenger had a derby name he was a fan and started watching banked track roller derby in Little Tokyo. Avenger got a few of his friends to join teams and cheered them on from the sidelines but always wanted to play. In 2010 Avenger found out about the co-ed banked track class Derby Por Vida and was immediately hooked despite sporting hightop white rental skates. From there he looked for any opportunity to play and finally found what he was looking for when Drive-By City Rollers was founded and joined soon after.