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League: Angel City Derby Girls   Team: Rocket Queens

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Status: Active
League(s): Angel City Derby Girls
Drive-By City Rollers
Suburbia Roller Derby
Team(s): Rocket Queens
Hollywood Scarlets 2009-2012
Suburban Brawl 2007-2009
Positions: Jammer, Pivot, Blocker, Coach
Hometown: Rye, NY
Years Active: 12
After party winner since 2007

I am originally from New York and was one of the first 12 skaters with Suburbia Roller Derby in Yonkers, NY. I moved to LA 4 years ago and skate for Angel City Derby Girls is 3 years as a Hollywood Scarlet, and now a Rocket Queen. I’m also the head coach and a founder of Drive-By City Rollers, LA’s flat track Men’s Roller Derby Association team. We are going into our first season in the MRDA. ROLLER DERBY FOR ALL! I just started dropping in on quads, and I love it!

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