Catastrophe Theæ 1627 BCE

League: San Fernando Valley Roller Derby   Team: The Like OMGs, Reseda Wreckers

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Status: Active
League(s): San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Team(s): The Like OMGs
Reseda Wreckers
The Wipe Outs (2012)
Positions: Blocker, Jammer
Hometown: Los Angeles
Years Active: 9

I fell in love with derby by way of the LADD Derby por Vida program, but time and distance conspired against me making it to more than a class or two every few months, so it was a happy, happy day in late 2011 when I heard there was a new flat track league starting in the Valley–at the same park where I play kickball. I emailed the next day, and went to my first practice with SFV the day after that, whereupon I promptly discovered I could not do a single-knee slide on the right if my life depended on it (I can, now. On either knee). It’s an incredible thing to have the opportunity to grow with our league. Currently co-captain of the Reseda Wreckers. When I’m not on skates or in cleats, I’m knitting hats and pleisiosaurs or taking surreptitious iPhone pictures of ancient Greek and Roman coins.

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