I.M. McShovin 34g

League: San Fernando Valley Roller Derby   Team: OMGs, Reseda Wreckers

Status: Active
League(s): San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Bakersfield Diamond Divas Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Team(s): OMGs Reseda Wreckers
Positions: Blocker
Hometown: Bakersfield
Years Active: 11
MVP 2012
Best Blocker 2012
Poopy Pants 2013 (cuz I poop alot!)

As a kid, you’d find me skating everywhere! Winning those races at RollerTowne, skating up and down my block. Watched bank track derby and loved it when the LA Thunderbirds came to Bakersfield. I started roller derby in 2008 and plan to continue playing derby even if I have to use a walker! maybe I will start the first “granny derby” and we’ll skate on rascals. I was one of the founding skaters for Diamond Divas, transferred to DRB, and now helped start up and skate for San Fernando Valley Roller Derby, while still residing in Bakersfield.