Nicholas Rage 42

League: Drive-By City Roller   Team: Drive-By City Roller

Photo: Jon Cobb
Nicholas Rage
Status: Active
League(s): Drive-By City Roller
Team(s): Drive-By City Roller
Positions: Jammer and Blocker
Hometown: Burbank, CA
Years Active: 7

I started skating at an early age. My mom would drop me off at some all night skates growing up, or normal sessions. I remember not being able to stop, but going as fast as possible, I used the walls for stopping assistance by slamming into them. In my early teen years, I got a job DJ’ing at the local rink and all we did, all the time, was skate at the rink and street skate. As I got older, I still skated, but not on the regular. That was, until I found derby! I sought out a Men’s Team in L.A., and was happy to find the “Drive-By City Rollers”! I joined right away and have been skating with them ever since. It’s been an awesome journey and I love watching all of the athletes of this amazing sport! When I’m not skating in derby, you can find my yelling all of the things in the audience or maybe even DJ’ing a bout or two!