Rave N’ BustHer 904

League: Drive-By City Rollers   Team: Drive-By City Rollers

Status: Active
League(s): Drive-By City Rollers
(07/23/2011 - Present)
SD Roller Derby Aftershocks
(Dec 2010 - Jan 2011)
Team(s): Drive-By City Rollers
(07/23/2011 - Present)
SD Roller Derby Aftershocks
(Dec 2010 - Jan 2011)
Positions: Jammer, Pivot, Blocker, Captain
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Years Active: 9
MVP Jammer
MVP Pivot
MVP Blocker

I got involved in Roller Derby in June 2010 through a friend I knew in Jacksonville, Florida, where I lived at that time. I was part of a performance group that spun fire poi, staffs, hula hoops and other circus/burning man things. Dirty Rawkstar, the reason I’m into derby now, was (and still is) a Jacksonville all-star skater and asked if my group wanted to perform at one of her bouts during half time. We agreed, did it, and in doing so I was exposed to roller derby through her. I expressed fascination with the sport, and like any good derby girl, went for the hook immediately with “You should be a referee!” I wasn’t sure at first, but after some thought I decided to give it a try. I was about to get out of the Navy and move back to my home town San Diego, so I told myself I’d give skating and reffing a try with the local league once I got home. So, the day after I got to San Diego, I went to the local roller rink after searching quickly online and found one of the flat track leagues in the area: San Diego Roller Derby. I haven’t stopped skating since. I was reffing in San Diego for a few months, and I decided I wanted to go on a crazy road trip and Euro-trip. Right at that time, the men’s team attached to the league, San Diego Aftershocks, was formed. I was asked to do it, so decided to give it a try. I practiced with the Aftershocks for only about three weeks before I went on my crazy road trip. Before I left on the road trip, I had made a few visits to Los Angeles and decided I wanted to move there after I was done traveling. There was no men’s team there, so about half way through my road trip I made a Facebook group and added some Southern Californian refs and skaters that I knew in the area from the little networking I did while in San Diego. Through that Facebook group, I met up with who became the founding members of the league: Myself, Julius Pleasar (ref with Angel City), Black Star Heroine (ACDG skater), and Killvester Stallone (boyfriend of Black Star at the time). We met up for the first time, all together, July 23, 2011. We started practicing October 2011 in a big parking lot on Monday nights by the beach, and thankfully we were able to get a lease with Angel City and were able to practice in their warehouse, paying a flat hourly rate. We’ve been practicing once a week on Sunday nights ever since.

I’ve been functioning as team captain ever since. Our primary goal for our first year was to get the team established and get practicing, meet the requirements to join the MRDA, and apply and get in. I’m proud to say we’ve done that, and now we’re moving forward with our next set of goals in 2013.

Right when I got to LA, I transferred to Angel City as a referee and I’ve been with them ever since, as well. Through that, I, along with the other founding members, was able to establish a good relationship as a representative of Drive-By with our in-town WFTDA league.