Satan’s Little Helper 666

League: Angel City Derby Girls   Team: Rocket Queens

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Status: Active
League(s): Angel City Derby Girls
Arizona Derby Dames
Glass City Rollers
Team(s): Rocket Queens
AZDD Coffin Draggers
AZDD Hot Shots
Positions: Jammer, Blocker, Pivot
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Years Active: 12
2010, 2011, 2012 Arizona Derby Dames home team champions (Coffin Draggers)
3rd Place: Battle on the Bank V (AZDD Hot Shots)
4th Place: Battle on the Bank IV (AZDD Hot Shots)
Best Jammer
Rookie of the Year
Best Derby Persona
Unicorn (Jammer with magical powers)

Satan’s Little Helper, originally from San Jose, CA, has been competing in contact sports such as soccer and basketball since age three. When she moved to Toledo, Ohio in 2007, Satan helped form Glass City Rollers (a then WFTDA-inspired flat track league, now full member league) at age 18. There she traveled all over the Northeast and Midwest competing and learning from more established leagues. She was a trainer for GCR and helped graduate their first group of “fresh meat.” Awards with GCR include MVP’s, Speed Demon, and Best Jammer (of the year). In 2010 she moved to Phoenix, AZ starting her banked track career with the Arizona Derby Dames (AZDD). There she was drafted on to a home team: The Coffin Draggers. Together, they won three consecutive intra-league championships. Shortly into her banked track career, she joined the Derby Dames’ travel team, the Hot Shots. She immediately proved to be a strong asset to the Hot Shots, finishing fourth place with her team at Battle on the Bank IV. The Hot Shots continued to succeed by defeating Team Legit to secure third place at Battle on the Bank V. In Satan’s three consecutive year career with AZDD she accomplished many goals such as multiple MVP’s, Rookie Of The Year, Best Jammer (for the Coffin Draggers) and league awards such as 2011 and 2012 Unicorn Award (league’s best Jammer), and Best Derby Persona. She worked as an off-skates and on-skates trainer for the Coffin Draggers. Satan also skated for Fall Out Frenzy, AZDD flat track all-star travel team. She is a triple threat skater fluent in all positions such as Pivot, Blocker, and Jammer. She thrives on helping everyone better their strategy, teamwork, essential derby strength, and overall tricks and skills. Bringing her professional athleticism and mental game importance she’s acquired from her years of practice in team contact sports, Satan’s training is highly inspiring and beneficial to any league. Being trained under many great coaches, Satan now seeks to travel to share her experience and better further/expand her teaching skills in Derby, following the path of other strong leaders that have done the same for her. She enjoys happy healthy living through enlightening others with her energetic can do attitude. In November 2012, she instructed at a two day boot camp in San Juan, Puerto Rico with the help of a select training crew, consisting of Kiki UrHaz (AZRD), Fifi Nomenon (LA Derby Dolls, Angel City Derby Girls, now Texas Rollergirls, 2012 WFTDA West Regional Playoffs MVP Jammer), Tyra Shanks (Angel City), Hazed and Contuzed (Mad Rollin’ Dolls), and Krissy Krash (DerbaLife, LA Derby Dolls, OC Rollergirls, now Angel City). Satan recently moved to Los Angeles, and is getting back to her roots skating with the Angel City Derby Girls. Already, she has guest coached the LA Junior Derby Dolls, the Drive-By City Rollers, incorporating her broad spectrum of roller derby skills along with her cross-training of choice: Zumba. She hopes to broaden her schooling focusing on homeopathic healing, natural medicines and sports therapy. She strives to help people stay happy and healthy through Zumba, Yoga, Derby and positivity.

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