Shady Hawkins 9 3/4

League: LA Derby Dolls   Team: Varsity Brawlers

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Status: Active
League(s): LA Derby Dolls
Team(s): Varsity Brawlers
Positions: Jammer, Blocker
Hometown: Pulaski, WI
Years Active: 8

I was a new kind in town, “fresh off the farm” and really in need of some friends. Most women would probably look for a book club or something (?right? idk), but that’s not really my style. I had been in this city almost 2 months and was HATING my life. Then I started Derby Por Vida at LADD. It was my first time on quad skates and I fell on the crack in the floor, but I got up … with some help from my friends :) From then on, I knew these were my people. And the first time I hip checked someone, I knew this was my sport.