Suzy Snakeyes 30:1

League: LA Derby Dolls   Team: Tough Cookies / LA Ri-Ettes

Suzy Snakeyes
Status: Active
League(s): LA Derby Dolls
(11/2003 - Present)
Team(s): Tough Cookies
(2004 - Present)
LA Ri-Ettes (Assistant Coach)
(2012 - Present)
Aftershockers (LADD B-team)
(2009 - 2010)
Positions: Blocker / Pivot / Jammer
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Years Active: 16
LADD championships
LADD Most Showmanship (2009)

I joined the LA Derby Dolls in November of 2003, when we were one of just a handful of leagues, and were comprised of a ragtag group of women skating circles in a rink. It was the first sport I ever played, and the first workout I ever stuck with for more than a couple months. And boy did it stick. I’m now starting year #10 as an active skater, trainer and coach, and currently living by the motto – I’LL RETIRE WHEN I DIE.

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