TerribleTues 2z

League: North Hollywood Roller Derby   Team: NoHo Rolling Ravens

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Status: Active
League(s): North Hollywood Roller Derby So Cal Roller Punks March
Team(s): NoHo Rolling Ravens
Positions: Blocker, Pivot
Hometown: North Hollywood
Years Active: 49

I started a free league with my partner, Tankgrrrl because I was unemployed and couldn’t afford to pay practice fees/dues; we figured that there must be others in the same situation. We learned to play by watching other teams play live and on you tube, going to tourneys, visiting other leagues ‘ practices whenever I traveled to see family, and studying rules. I had learned how to roller skate as a toddler, soon after learning how to walk; was a rink rat as a teen in the early eighties. I had skated weekly as a young adult, but gave it up to work a full time job. When an ex-coworker invited me to come skate as a forty two-year-old woman, I said, “Oh hells yes!” I met a friend of hers at the rink who had skated roller derby in Colorado, and I was converted instantly. She was starting a team in L.A., a punk outfit with no dues! We hopped the fence of the local hockey rink and skated around practicing derby stance and drills, and generally knocking each other off the track. We were the SoCal Roller Punks. Our little group fell apart shortly after Tankgrrrl started skating with us. We lost our captain, our coach, and every one of the skaters due to illness, work, school, pregnancy, injury and just plain lack of leadership. When Tankgrrl suggested we start our own league, I thought she was crazy. What do I know about running a league? I barely know how to play! But I had a lot of free time on my hands, skates, and a place to skate… so I said, “Okay.” North Hollywood Roller Derby was born. We ingratiated ourselves with the local rink managers, got our first sponsors, and were on our way to establishing the first free flat track roller derby league in Los Angeles. The members all pitch in to get the work done, and raise the funds we need to survive. We volunteer and interact with other leagues often, and share our time and space with anyone interested in being involved in the sport. We love roller derby and just want to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their age, fitness level or income. Winning is fun; playing well and putting your all into it is glorious. We aren’t a WFTDA league. We can’t afford it. But we learn wftda rules so we can scrimmage with other teams that want to play. There is a whole lot of work involved in making a league work. I am just like everyone else: I just wanna skate! But I am willing to do ANYTHING needed to make that happen.