Tyra Shanks 95

League: Angel City Derby Girls   Team: Hollywood Scarlets

Tyra Shanks
Status: Active
League(s): Angel City Derby Girls
Team(s): Hollywood Scarlets
Positions: Jammer and Blocker
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Years Active: 9
Most Indestructible 2010: ACDG
Dust Devil Tournament 2012: MVP for ACDG
March Radness Bout 2012: MVP camper for L.A.

In January 2010, Shanks was 19 years old, six months out of high school, and ready for a new sport. She played Varsity Volleyball throughout high school but now sought a more aggressive sport. Her mom took her to a roller derby bout in L.A., and from there she was hooked. The next week Shanks started attending New Recruit nights with Angel City. When she was not at New Recruits practice she skated in her driveway, scoured the internet for roller derby “how-to-play” videos, and exercised more than ever to get into derby shape. Shanks made ACDG’s B-Team “Rocket Queens” in February 2010 where she was deemed “the kid” by Ghetto Fabulez and “Hulk” by Duchess Von Damn. She learned derby play quickly because she was thrown into a pack of wolves with the big girls right away. By May 2010, Shanks was asked to be on the Hollywood Scarlets. She was put in the jammer rotation where she learned how to juke, jump, and push her way out of the aggressive A-team packs. In March 2012, Shanks was one of the few campers picked to be part of the L.A. Derby Dolls’ March Radness banked track bout alongside some of her derby idols. In April 2012, she was put onto Team Bionic’s roster: an all-star banked-track team in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She skated alongside renowned skaters such as Psycho Babble and Joy Collision who furthered her banked track skating knowledge. Team Bionic also introduced Shanks to Kiki Urhaz who assembled a small training group, including skaters such as Fifi Nomenon and Krissy Krash, to train the Latin Bombshells in Puerto Rico. Shanks is also on various pick-up teams such as Team Rejects, Vagine Regime, and Les Foxes Francais. Today, Shanks is still a Hollywood Scarlet, and also on the Training Team for ACDG as an Endurance Trainer and part-time New Recruit Trainer. Shanks loves competing and training roller derby.