06.2013 Rave N’ Busther

League: Drive-By City Rollers   Team: Drive-By City Rollers

Rave N' Busther

Skater Spotlight: Rave N’ Busther

1.Fun fact about yourself?
I’ve never had any interested in sports whatsoever until I got into roller derby. I used to run away from footballs when I would encounter them at parks or at school. On that same note, I’ve always been a pacifist and I do not like fighting in any way. So, I was surprised when I realized I wanted to play roller derby, considering I’d start getting thrown around all the time.

2.Career Highlights?
I’ve been skating for less than three years, and I’ve earned MVP jammer, blocker, and pivot both in flat track and banked track bouts. Oh! Here’s a REAL highlight: I got to play in (we think) the first modern, men’s roller derby bout on the banked track. It was June of 2012, and four of my Drive-By City Rollers teammates and I traveled from LA to Phoenix to sub for the San Diego Aftershocks. It was 7 San Diego skaters and 5 LA skaters vs the Phoenix Rattleskates. It was a super fun game! It was a double header, hosted by the Arizona Derby Dames. It was their home team championship, with the men’s game as the opening bout. We may have lost the men’s game, but we won the after party with the Coffin Draggers, the 2012 AZDD season champions. It’s also significant for me since that’s the night I met my now girlfriend, Satan’s Little Helper :)

Also, receiving a Legend award when I hit my 5 year mark in playing roller derby. It was such an honor and makes you feel good when all the hard work you put in is noticed.

3.Pre-bout routines? What do you do to mental/physically prepare?
Having no sports background, I’m sometimes hesitant to want to stretch out. My favorite way to warm up is to listen to some really good music (My genre is Trance) and warm up really really slowly by skating laps and slowly getting faster and extending my limbs, usually with plow stops, short hockey stops and jukes. Then once I’ve been skating at medium strength for a while, I do a nice extended stretch, then I’m pretty much ready to go.

Something that is critical for me is I must have a very hearty breakfast. I usually cook up 4 eggs, and I’ll bring protein bars and/or shakes to a bout. I have a very fast metabolism, so I get hungry very quickly. My biggest fear during a bout is getting hungry. :( So, I try to eat before a bout starts, and I usually try to force in a snack (or as much as the second half of a sandwich, or a protein bar) during half time, so I have energy to burn during the bout.

4.Roller derby skater you admire and why?
I have two skaters I admire. My first is Chargin’ Tina from the LA Derby Dolls. Not only is she an incredibly confident, graceful skater, but I think she’s a perfect example of a triple threat (or, perhaps, quadruple effect? Sextuple effect? Depends on how you do the math): She’s an all-star jammer, an extremely effective blocker and pivot, and she can do it all both on the bank and on flat track. I’ve skated on the banked track a little bit, so I appreciate and understand the differences between strategy, skills and timing on the banked track compared to flat track. It’s a challenge to go back and forth, while maintaining a very high level of proficiency and excellence on both platforms. She can do it all! It also doesn’t help that she’s friendly and loves to help out and give advice :)

My second is Streak, Magic City Misfits. I discovered roller derby through my derby wife, Dirty Rawkstar, in Jacksonville, Florida, home of the Jacksonville Rollergirls and Magic City Misfits. I traveled back and forth several times between Florida and California after getting out of the Navy in 2010. While I was in Florida, I got to practice a few times with the Magic City Misfits, so I got to see what high level men’s derby felt like, and that further inspired me to help form the Drive-By City Rollers in Summer 2011. I’ve watched Spring Roll and MRDA Championships online for two years, and I’m always impressed with how incredibly skilled Streak is. I’ve also skated with and against him during co-ed and men’s challenge bouts at Roller Con, and it’s always a rewarding experience. No matter how well I think I juked by him or anyone else, there he is in front of me after 1 or 2 seconds, ready to knock me off the track. I consider myself a decent skater, and I have a similar body type compared to Streak, so another thing I do is I watch carefully the types of things Streak does, and I try to learn them by mimicking him.

5.What other hobbies (other then roller derby, duh!) do you enjoy doing?
I’m a full time student, so between that an roller derby, I don’t have a whole lot of free time. However, from time to time, I yo-yo, I’m a poi spinner, I like Parkour (shout-out to Missile America for also being a traceur!), and I even still have my Magic: The Gathering cards from my childhood and I enjoy playing every once in a while. I was a SCUBA diver in the Navy, so I’d love to get back into that. I also learned how to sail (for free!)… so add that to the list, too.