Cannon Doll-X XXX

League: Long Beach Derby Gals   Team: The Breakwater Bombshells

I’m Cannon Doll-X formally of the LA Derby Dolls. I founded the LBC Derby AllStars. A new women’s flat track league in Long Beach, CA. I have been playing roller derby since Jan 2006. I have been on two home teams, 3 Allstar teams and many fun teams to just play the sport I love […]

STEFCON 1 w00t

League: LA Derby Dolls   Team: Tough Cookies / L.A. Ri-Ettes

Developed in an underground bunker in Roswell, New Mexico, STEFCON 1 began life as the top-secret, ultimate Weapon of Fast Destruction. According to a handful of smudged CIA documents, “Project STEFCON 1” is part woman, part machine, and an all-around bad ass designed to neutralize terrorists with nothing but a flinty stare and her patented […]

Suzy Snakeyes 30:1

League: LA Derby Dolls   Team: Tough Cookies / LA Ri-Ettes

I joined the LA Derby Dolls in November of 2003, when we were one of just a handful of leagues, and were comprised of a ragtag group of women skating circles in a rink. It was the first sport I ever played, and the first workout I ever stuck with for more than a couple […]