Billy Motion 747

League: Slick City Rollerz   Team: Slick City Rollerz

Former WFTDA Certified Referee Current Skater for Slick City Rollerz Current Coach of the ACDG Hollywood Scarlets.

Black Star Heroine 60mg

League: Angel City Derby Girls   Team: Rocket Queens

I am originally from New York and was one of the first 12 skaters with Suburbia Roller Derby in Yonkers, NY. I moved to LA 4 years ago and skate for Angel City Derby Girls is 3 years as a Hollywood Scarlet, and now a Rocket Queen. I’m also the head coach and a founder […]

Cherrylicious NC-17

League: LA Derby Dolls   Team: Fight Crew/Ri-Ettes

I started skating with Charm City Roller Girls during the summer of 2006, and it quickly took over my life in the best way possible! I officially made the league on October 9, 2006, and then was drafted to a home team, the Junkyard Dolls, in January of 2007. I skated the entire 2007 home […]

Ima BlowBya 101

League: Angel City Derby Girls   Team: Hollywood Scarlets

I started playing roller derby in 2006 as a jammer and blocker. In 2011 I transfered to the Angel City Derby Girls.

Laci Knight 33

League: Angel City Derby Girls   Team: Hollywood Scarlets

Lace started skating in November of 2008 with the LA Derby Dolls. She was drafted to LADD’s home team the Varsity Brawlers in June of ’09 and made the LA Ri-ettes (LADD’s All Star Team) in Jan of ’10. Lace played with the Ri-ettes in 2010, took a year off for school, then came back […]

Rachel Rotten 507

League: Angel City Derby Girls   Team: Hollywood Scarlets

Rachel found roller derby in March 2010 when a new job left her with lots of free time she never had. In April she joined Angel City’s Fresh Meat program and graduated shortly thereafter, playing her first bout in June 2010 with Angel City’s Rocket Queens. In winter 2010 she was drafted to the Hollywood […]

Satan’s Little Helper 666

League: Angel City Derby Girls   Team: Rocket Queens

Satan’s Little Helper, originally from San Jose, CA, has been competing in contact sports such as soccer and basketball since age three. When she moved to Toledo, Ohio in 2007, Satan helped form Glass City Rollers (a then WFTDA-inspired flat track league, now full member league) at age 18. There she traveled all over the […]

Tiggz 97

League: San Fernando Valley Roller Derby   Team: The Like OMGs, Topanga Maul Rats, Team PANDAmonium

Tiggz joined Angel City Derby Girls in 2010 where she was on the now-retired Cosmonauts and Subpool, and she skated briefly with the Ventura County Derby Darlins. She is a founding member of SFV Roller derby where she currently skates on the travel team The Like OMGs and on the intraleague team, Topanga Maul Rats.

Tyra Shanks 95

League: Angel City Derby Girls   Team: Hollywood Scarlets

In January 2010, Shanks was 19 years old, six months out of high school, and ready for a new sport. She played Varsity Volleyball throughout high school but now sought a more aggressive sport. Her mom took her to a roller derby bout in L.A., and from there she was hooked. The next week Shanks […]

Vodka Toxic 100 Proof

League: LA Derby Dolls   Team: Varsity Brawlers

After watching the A&E series, “Rollergirls” I felt I had to join (though I hadn’t been on skates in 20 years!). My friend and I searched and found the LA Derby Dolls. After 2 months of practices, we went with a groups of skaters and founded Angel City Derby Girls in May of 2006. Skated […]