Avenger Holyfield K0

League: Drive-By City Rollers   Team: Drive-By City Rollers

As a kid, Avenger could be found most Friday nights at his local roller rink in Lompoc, CA trying to go as fast as he could on his roller blades. Way before Avenger had a derby name he was a fan and started watching banked track roller derby in Little Tokyo. Avenger got a few […]

Black Star Heroine 60mg

League: Angel City Derby Girls   Team: Rocket Queens

I am originally from New York and was one of the first 12 skaters with Suburbia Roller Derby in Yonkers, NY. I moved to LA 4 years ago and skate for Angel City Derby Girls is 3 years as a Hollywood Scarlet, and now a Rocket Queen. I’m also the head coach and a founder […]

ConJobb f/2

League: Drive-By City Rollers   Team: Charter Member A-Team

I’ve been active in the derby scene since early 2008 as a photographer and began training as a skater with the Drive-By City Rollers in March of 2012.

Kauf’n Nailer 6

League: Drive-By City Rollers   Team: Drive-By City Rollers

I grew up in Lancaster California where I speed skated as a kid at AV Skateway and Holiday Skating Rink until I was 18. I took a few years off, then returned to skating in Spanaway Washington where I ice speed skated on the short track. When this didn’t develop into a spot on the […]

Nicholas Rage 42

League: Drive-By City Roller   Team: Drive-By City Roller

I started skating at an early age. My mom would drop me off at some all night skates growing up, or normal sessions. I remember not being able to stop, but going as fast as possible, I used the walls for stopping assistance by slamming into them. In my early teen years, I got a […]

Rave N’ BustHer 904

League: Drive-By City Rollers   Team: Drive-By City Rollers

I got involved in Roller Derby in June 2010 through a friend I knew in Jacksonville, Florida, where I lived at that time. I was part of a performance group that spun fire poi, staffs, hula hoops and other circus/burning man things. Dirty Rawkstar, the reason I’m into derby now, was (and still is) a […]