07.2013 Tiggz

League: San Fernando Valley Roller Derby   Team: The Like OMGs


Skater Spotlight: Tiggz

1.Fun fact about yourself?
I went back to school this year to work on getting my degree in Kinesiology. I realized that, after never leaving the couch as a kid, suddenly becoming active as an adult leaves your body asking a lot of questions. I want to help people realize they can move and do it correctly. Also, I am nice, despite what my eyebrows may say.

2.Career Highlights?
Being a founding member of SFV Roller Derby, and skating on the travel team with some of my best friends (and derby idols) has been the best experience, but I also really enjoy passing my knowledge of skills and game play on to brand new skaters. Derby is the best gift.

3.Pre-bout routines? What do you do to mental/physically prepare?
I am a creature of habit: same breakfast, same lunch, listen to my playlist which features songs that the LA Kings warm up to, get to the track early to set up, meditate, imagine that I am as big and frightening as the 6’9″ Zdeno Chara from the Boston Bruins.

4.Roller derby skater you admire and why?
I admire anybody who puts on a pair of skates because this sport is HARD, but there are a couple people:
Killo Kitty. She has somehow managed to find a balance between family and running both a successful junior derby league and an adult league which is admirable in itself, and managed to convince 80+ adult league members to follow her vision of what roller derby is. Plus, she has believed in me from day one.

Delilah Decider from Angel City Derby Girls. I have seen her go from being Bambi on skates to werkin’ it, to getting injured, to coming back again and starting at square one and not even flinching. And, she is a splendid human being. I hope to be like her when I grow up.

5.What other hobbies (other then roller derby, duh!) do you enjoy doing?
I grew up in a household that loved its hockey so I have been blessed/cursed with being a life long Los Angeles Kings fan. I am also a Crossfitter, and I enjoy laughing at my own jokes.